J. K. Rowling and Cancel Culture

This post is not going to be nuanced analysis of "cancel culture". This post is also not going to be an analysis of the controversies surrounding J. K. Rowling. This post is actually going to be about an upcoming movie called The Secrets of Dumbledore. This post is also already biased against this movie that … Continue reading J. K. Rowling and Cancel Culture

Old Thoughts on Teen Dystopias

When I started this blog, I had an intention of slowly transferring over all content from my Tumblr, and 5 years down the line, I still haven't transferred over some of my earliest content. Mostly, I wait around until there's an occasion to revisit the topic with updated thoughts. Sarah Z recently released this video … Continue reading Old Thoughts on Teen Dystopias

Asexuality in Jane Austen?

Content Warning: This post discusses a canon pairing with a huge age difference and includes a brief tangential discussion on potential pedophilia. Also, spoilers for Jane Austen novels. While I was getting through some tedious data work the other day, I was playing a YouTube video in the background. It was a video of an … Continue reading Asexuality in Jane Austen?

One True Ace Pairing: A Retrospective

Since my last post in my OTAP series, I've learned a lot more about the asexual and aromantic spectrum and even reevaluated where I belong in these spectrums. Given my new knowledge, I think it's time I revisited the series. I've written about pairs who could potentially fall at various places in both of these … Continue reading One True Ace Pairing: A Retrospective

Romance is Confusing: Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman is the story of a very disturbed young woman who goes down a very self-destructive path. That being said, I absolutely LOVE the mission she is on: force people to look in the mirror. She goes to a club all dressed up and sexy, acts super drunk, let's a nice guy take … Continue reading Romance is Confusing: Promising Young Woman

Captain America didn’t see color

Steve Rogers passed the shield to Sam Wilson because Sam had the right character and the right disposition to wield the shield. Steve Rogers didn’t care about Sam’s race. He didn’t see color. Because Steve Rogers is Not Racist. There are many who argue that we shouldn’t see color and should treat people equally regardless … Continue reading Captain America didn’t see color

Hide Your Gays and Have Them Too

Unpopular take (?): It low-key annoys me when a series with a large cast of established characters introduces a queer couple out of the blue as if it were the most normal thing in the world. An example of this is Korrasami from The Legend of Korra (even though I actually shipped Korrasami while watching … Continue reading Hide Your Gays and Have Them Too

One True Ace Pairing: WandaVision

Say what? I was not expecting to include this pair in my OTAP series. I had very much thought of them as a "regular" couple, even if they are "an unusual couple" (i.e. how the series was promoted). He's a "synthesoid" and she's a human (albeit one with powerful magical abilities) - that is what … Continue reading One True Ace Pairing: WandaVision

I feel vindicated

Ever since I started this blog, I have ben writing about my problems with how race is portrayed on screen. It's a topic I keep coming back to. My first real post on the blog was titled "How Do You Make a Post-Racial Fantasy World?" and I followed it up with "Can You Have an … Continue reading I feel vindicated

My First Good Analysis

When I first started this blog, I intended to slowly transfer over the content from my Tumblr, and somehow there's still much content left. Anyways, on with it! This is my first good piece of analysis on the film Stage Beauty. It's not particularly well written, although the analysis itself still feels good. The bad … Continue reading My First Good Analysis