One True Ace Pairing: The MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, because of its nature of a shared universe, has a unique opportunity to feature a large number of strong platonic relationships. Superhero movies that came before the MCU didn’t have the space to develop these kinds of relationships, so they focused more on the romantic relationships and the hero-villain relationships. The … Continue reading One True Ace Pairing: The MCU

One True Ace Pairing: Captain America

I'm definitely not talking about the canon pairings of Steve Rogers with Peggy Carter or Sharon Carter. I am talking about Stucky. (And this is specific to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and spoiler warning through Phase 3.) In my One True Ace Pairing series, I've been basically covering pairings that I've liked who are not … Continue reading One True Ace Pairing: Captain America

When Aces Feel Like Aliens: The Case of Joss Whedon

I have a knee-jerk negative reaction to dating and “romantic” relationships. Something feels kind of dirty about them. Which is weird because deep down, I really do think I’m a romantic. I love stories of deep connection, effective partnership, people providing each other security and comfort, and above all, complete devotion. On some level, I … Continue reading When Aces Feel Like Aliens: The Case of Joss Whedon

One True Ace Pairing: Rogue One

Yes, I am cheating. I just want to talk about a pairing I like, and I don't have any real basis of calling it "ace" except for the fact that it was not explicitly depicted as romantic and it leaves a lot of room to be interpreted as platonic. I am of course talking about … Continue reading One True Ace Pairing: Rogue One

One True Ace Pairing: Zootopia

I'm going to continue with my One True Ace Pairing series, and go back to animated pairs. This one from Zootopia is probably not that difficult to defend. Quick reminder that "Ace Pairing" as I'm using the term is very loosely defined. It is not a pairing between ace characters. it is not a pairing … Continue reading One True Ace Pairing: Zootopia

Hamilton and Cancel Culture

On the 4th of July, 2020, like so many people stuck at home due to the pandemic, I observed America’s Independence by watching Hamilton on Disney+. I, like many others, had not been fortunate enough to witness this performance live, but now we finally get to watch it at home. Given my past critiques of … Continue reading Hamilton and Cancel Culture

The Best-Friend Plot-Device

The Take published this video the other day. And it reminded me of one of my old Tumblr Posts. I wrote this back when I was, well, less gentle in expressing my thoughts. I used to think writing strong and forceful opinions made for a more entertaining read, but that's beside the point. … Continue reading The Best-Friend Plot-Device

One True Ace Pairing: The Imitation Game

I adored this non-couple couple. I'm wading into thorny territory here, so I will try to be careful. And I'll try to do it without any major spoilers for The Imitation Game, although I'd argue this isn't the kind of movie that can be spoiled with prior information. The relationship in question is the one … Continue reading One True Ace Pairing: The Imitation Game

Future Adaptations of Little Women

(Written back in January. Just didn't get around to posting.) When I heard there was going to be a new Little Women movie, I thought to myself, what more can they do with this story? I've only ever watched the 1994 adaptation, and while I'm not exactly a fan, I just felt like it did … Continue reading Future Adaptations of Little Women

The Philosophy of Left Behind

Adapted from my IMDB review. Spoiler warning. I knew this movie had terrible ratings and reviews. So I knew there was a pretty good chance it would be horrible. But I wanted to watch it anyway because it has 2 things I enjoy - (1) landing a plane under perilous circumstances and (2) the consequences … Continue reading The Philosophy of Left Behind