Marvel-Netflix. And Foggy Nelson.

Well, Luke Cage was likely a big hit. It got a lot of praise at any rate, but I don’t know what Netflix viewing numbers look like. I finished the show, and I liked it, even though it took me a while to get into it.

Of the Marvel-Netflix shows, I haven’t reviewed any of them, except for a gushing piece for Foggy Nelson which I’ll attach here.

Mild Marvel-Netflix spoilers beyond this point.

Luke Cage might need a lawyer by the end of the show, and we can hope it would be Matt Murdock, but honestly Foggy would be the better choice. I don’t know if Foggy will show up in The Defenders, but I hope he does show up in Jessica Jones Season 2 based on the meeting he had at the end of Daredevil Season 2.

Speaking of Jessica Jones, which I also didn’t review, but was a fantastic superhero-show-with-a-well-written-female-lead, I did want to take a quick second to talk about one possible storyline the show introduced but never pursued. I believe in Episode 8 “AKA WWJD?” Jessica considers whether she should consider babysitting Killgrave and influencing him to use his powers for good. Because Killgrave was starting to discover that it actually felt kinda nice to use his powers for good. Now THAT in and of itself would have been a phenomenal show with a phenomenal premise. But after a lot of soul searching, Jessica realizes that this isn’t like her. She isn’t the self-sacrificing sort who would resign herself to a miserable existence of emotional abuse because it will allow her to do real good in the world. And she has the power to do so and with great power comes great responsibility or something. But no, Jessica also has a responsible to herself, and that’s the path she chooses, and power to her and power to the show for having her make such a human choice.


Now back to Foggy.

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