More Thoughts on Beauty and the Beast

Since posting my thoughts on the movie, I’ve read and watched a bunch of other reviews. Here, I will link to the one that I thought was the best, because it’s a detailed and thoughtful analysis that wasn’t too much in love with the movie, or hating on it. And because it raises a great point about the diversity issue.

Basically, what they said was that the Enchantress wanted to punish the Prince for not being accepting of others based on their appearance – yet he is so open minded when it came to people of different races. But she never factors this into her decision to punish him.

My take on this thought is that – yes, the reason the Enchantress doesn’t take it into account is because racism probably doesn’t exist in this movie, or more accurately, the world of this movie. And I still haven’t found a satisfying answer to whether we should pretend racism doesn’t exist in these movies in order to portray our ideal world, or whether we should take a moment to remember that people of color probably had it hard back then. I still don’t know.

But at the same time, I don’t think fairy tales need to address racism as an issue. If it wants to stay away from it, I understand. I just feel bugged by the fact that they seem to erase it.

And now I will link to other reviews I thought were good analyses of the movie.

Review on The Opposite of Popular, WordPress

Review on intelligencehavingfun, Tumblr

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