The Crimes of Grindelwald Left Me Very Very Confused

Spoilers ahead, just saying.



– Why was this movie called The Crimes of Grindelwald?

– Exactly how did his escape work? All I can tell is Polyjuice Potion was probably involved.

– Who were the mom and the baby his followers murdered?

– What was the deal with the guy who took the job originally offered to Newt by the British Ministry? When did he start working for Grindelwald, or was he working with him all along? Why does he and Newt have a bad relationship?

– How did people know what the black shrouds meant? Or where the meeting/rally was going to be?

– Who was the guy who was skeptical about Credence and then burned in the blue Fiendfyre when he tried to get inside the circle?

– Were those aurors who were running away from the Fiendfyre flames and getting burned up? Why didn’t they just apparate away?

– Why did Leta Lestrange sacrifice herself and what exactly did it achieve?

– What is Grindelwald’s nationality? His name sounds Austrian. His home is in Austria. He went to Durmstrang. But he sounds British. And he definitely has family in England.

– How in the world is joining Grindelwald going to help Queenie get married to Jacob? Or does she want to make Jacob her slave, not husband? (shoutout to the Legend of Korra when Bolin was confused whether Korra’s cousin wanted to him to be her slave or husband)

– Could Queenie not read anyone’s mind in the meeting? Were all of them using Occlumency?



– Why is Dumbledore teaching DADA? Perhaps he switched to teaching Transfiguration later, BUT:

– Does it work with the timeline that McGongall is already working at Hogwarts? And what is she teaching? If it’s Transfiguration, then what will she do once Dumbledore starts teaching Transfiguration? I considered the possibility that this is a relative of Minerva McGonagall, but from what we know about her, her Dad was a Muggle.

– Was this before the “you can’t apparate into Hogwarts” rule?

– Who were all the Ministry officials who came to Hogwarts? Should I have known who some of them were based on their interaction with Dumbledore?



– How come to one bothered to correct the magazine that mixed up two famous wizards (arguably Theseus is more famous than Newt at this point).

– Why did Newt leave out the Fantastic Beasts in this movie from his book? I guess he’s already written the book, but it sounds like he’s already seen these creatures before. Why did he leave them out? (My theory is that the version we have available is only an excerpt of the actual book.)

– Was Newt the original inventor of Extendable Ears? Did Fred and George read about it somewhere, or come up with it independently?

– How did the Niffler vision work? How come no one else uses it?



– How is Rodolphus Lestrage related to Leta? Is he like the grandson of an uncle?

– What was his poem thingy they kept talking about? Corvus was supposed to be the last Lestrange of what now? So if Corvus died, where did Rodolphus come from?

– I’m not even going to go into Aurelius Dumbledore. I can’t figure out how he could possibly be a Dumbledore brother.

– But how did Credence get to France and find the French equivalent of Diagon Alley? Maybe he was found by the circus?


Wizarding World:

– Why are wizards dressed like Muggles? What happened to robes and dressing eccentric? Dressing eccentric was a huge part of Dumbledore’s character, but Jude law is dressed super smart and sharp the whole time.

– How come none of the Muggles noticed the black shrouds or the Chinese monster?

– What kind of magic do you use to phase through walls?

– How is a blood oath different from an unbreakable vow?

– Who was Nicolas Flamel talking to in the book?

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