One True Ace Pairing: Fullmetal Alchemist

In my next post of the “One True Ace Pairing” series, I will talk about human characters! Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist. We can argue about whether they are an ace pair or not. I am not unaware of the massively popular Royai ship. But you also cannot argue that neither of the anime have ever confirmed anything romantic between them and their relationship can absolutely be (and has been by many) viewed as platonic. I choose to view it as ace. Not that I’m claiming that Riza and Roy are ace. In fact, their sexualities are never addressed.

Here is my old Tumblr post that goes over their relationship and why it’s incredibly epic and deeper than any romantic relationship could ever be.

None of this is to say that I don’t support the Royai ship. I kind of ship Royai myself. And I have read my share of Royai fanfiction. But I only tend to like the ones that understands the redemption aspect of the nature of their relationship. I will go so far as to recommending this one, which as of this writing is still not complete. This is actually the fic that got me hooked on fanfiction for a while, and then the author disappeared for years on end with no warning and left me heartbroken and left me very suspicious of unfinished fics. I haven’t finished the story yet. I’ll wait a few more years until she finishes.

With that massive aside, I will just go back and reiterate that I include this as an ace pair because this is about as deep and capital-R Romantic a relationship can get without being sexual. And I loves it! To be fair, my reference points have been the two anime because I have not read the manga.

(Another super-aside side note: Although many people use anime as a countable noun, i.e. they use “animes” as the plural form; I choose to stick with the uncountable noun and use “anime” as the plural form. Here is why. The more you know.)

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