The Best-Friend Plot-Device

The Take published this video the other day. And it reminded me of one of my old Tumblr Posts. I wrote this back when I was, well, less gentle in expressing my thoughts. I used to think writing strong and forceful opinions made for a more entertaining read, but that's beside the point. … Continue reading The Best-Friend Plot-Device

One True Ace Pairing: The Imitation Game

I adored this non-couple couple. I'm wading into thorny territory here, so I will try to be careful. And I'll try to do it without any major spoilers for The Imitation Game, although I'd argue this isn't the kind of movie that can be spoiled with prior information. The relationship in question is the one … Continue reading One True Ace Pairing: The Imitation Game

Future adaptations of Little Women

(Written back in January. Just didn't get around to posting.) When I heard there was going to be a new Little Women movie, I thought to myself, what more can they do with this story? I've only ever watched the 1994 adaptation, and while I'm not exactly a fan, I just felt like it did … Continue reading Future adaptations of Little Women