Oversimplification of the Impostor Syndrome

I'm going back to my Tumblr posts. I'm going back to two posts, published as "Oversimplification" Parts 1 and 2. I realized that the unifying theme is movies about extreme academic pressure and the impostor syndrome. I've suffered from the impostor syndrome, so makes sense that I was really worked up about how these movies … Continue reading Oversimplification of the Impostor Syndrome


A Different Perspective on Coco

via Understanding Mexican Nationalism and Mestizaje Through the Film "Coco" I do absolutely adore this film, but this article gives me a lot to think about. Mostly, it makes me appreciate something a friend of mine says - "Colonialism is a many-headed beast".

Infinity War Might Not Be for Casual Fans

I will be discussing the end of Infinity War. Expect no recap but plenty of spoilers. I have been seeing a lot of reviews online mostly on big news outlets that complain about the "cheap" ending of the movie. Those deaths (or disintegrations more like) should have been gut wrenching, except we all know that … Continue reading Infinity War Might Not Be for Casual Fans

Whitewashing and My Unexpected Reactions to it

Based on the rest of my blog, it would be a fair conclusion to draw that whitewashing might be one of those issues that could get me worked up. But for whatever reason, if I'm being honest with myself, it doesn't bother me that much. And it kind of feels like an inconsistency, given all … Continue reading Whitewashing and My Unexpected Reactions to it

Black Panther: Follow-up Thoughts

After my initial reaction to Black Panther, I've had some more time to process everything and so, I'm writing another review that's more structured. There are some new points and mostly old points, but my thoughts are better organized here: Yes, the hype surroundingĀ Black PantherĀ has everything to do with the all-black cast, black director, black … Continue reading Black Panther: Follow-up Thoughts

Black Panther: THAT Good!

Spoiler Warning! This is an in-depth spoiler review. Wow. I was blown away by this movie. Because there is so much to dissect and break down and I have so many thoughts and I'm just going to barely scratch the surface. I'm going to assume anyone reading this is already familiar with the cultural importance … Continue reading Black Panther: THAT Good!

How do we React to Representations of Muslims in the Media?

I recently discovered a podcast called #GoodMuslimBadMuslim that was started towards the end of 2015 by Taz Ahmed and Zahra Noorbakhsh. Honestly, I've listened to only the first episode, but it sent me on a spiral of overthinking which sent me back to my blog. On a slight tangent, I was reading reviews for this … Continue reading How do we React to Representations of Muslims in the Media?