The Best-Friend Plot-Device

The Take published this video the other day. And it reminded me of one of my old Tumblr Posts. I wrote this back when I was, well, less gentle in expressing my thoughts. I used to think writing strong and forceful opinions made for a more entertaining read, but that's beside the point. … Continue reading The Best-Friend Plot-Device

Oversimplification of the Impostor Syndrome

I'm going back to my Tumblr posts. I'm going back to two posts, published as "Oversimplification" Parts 1 and 2. I realized that the unifying theme is movies about extreme academic pressure and the impostor syndrome. I've suffered from the impostor syndrome, so makes sense that I was really worked up about how these movies … Continue reading Oversimplification of the Impostor Syndrome

The Big Sick Backlash

The Big Sick is a universally lauded film, which got a standing ovation at Sundance and has a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes (as of writing this at least). But haters gonna hate, right? My Facebook actually had a bunch of articles that were less than pleased with the movie. The truth is, I completely related to … Continue reading The Big Sick Backlash