My Problem with Ginny

This is one my more interesting Tumblr posts, only because it actually got a negative response. Two people reblogged it, calling it "bullshit". I should have asked them why they thought so. Reading it over again, I think I did a good job carefully explaining why I have a problem with Ginny and how most … Continue reading My Problem with Ginny

The HP Cast: Those Who Redefined the Characters

Evanna Lynch was the perfect Luna Lovegood. Maggie Smith was the perfect Professor McGonagall. Alan Rickman was the perfect Severus Snape. Imelda Staunton was the perfect Dolores Umbridge. Helena Bonham Carter was the perfect Bellatrix Lestrage. Now, I’m sure not everyone agrees with the above, but I get the feeling that this is the general … Continue reading The HP Cast: Those Who Redefined the Characters